Our 2018 Feya Candle Holiday Gift Guide is HERE and we are excited to share it with you!

As we all know, it can difficult to find the right gift for all of the people in your life. However, we have the perfect list to guide you during this hectic time of the year. Budget-friendly and catered exactly to each person in your life, we’ve got you covered. Most importantly, these gifts give back and are helping to make the world a better place.. for everyone. Have a smelly holiday season!

The perfect gift for Mom:

2018 Feya Candle Holiday Gift Guide

Need inspiration on a unforgettable gift that expresses your love and gratitude to your mama while satisfying her appreciation for beauty? No need to fret.

We’ve designed the perfect gift for your mom, and we can guarantee she will love it. You can find this adorable Family Tree Charm Bracelet and Mama Bear Mug from one of our favorite family-run businesses, KD Designs. As a matter of fact, you can purchase this entire gift including the Pear Spice candle and our new White Tea and Ginger soap in their store for a one stop shop! We know you have plenty of others you need to shop for, so you can also order these online and continue to find more gifts below in the rest of our gift guide!

Even though your mom deserves the world, this gift will be sure to remind her every day of how important she is.

The perfect gift for Dad:

2018 Feya Candle Holiday Gift Guide

He already has all the handy things he could possibly want and each year it just gets harder and harder. Luckily, he will love and will use this great holiday gift, AND you don’t even have to leave your house during this chilly time of the year to find what you’re looking for.

Jilly’s Socks has all sorts of options to choose from, specifically for your goofy and loving dad. With a sense of humor you adore, he will absolutely love these warm and fun socks that will be put to great use this winter. Or, select a pair of socks to represent his favorite sport, he will be sure to rock them as you bond over a game. He will cherish this perfect dad gift for years to come! Pair that with our Sandalwood candle and Sandalwood bar of soap, and you’ve got a complete gift checked off for Dad.

The perfect gift for your Sister:

2018 Feya Candle Holiday Gift Guide

The one who is always there for you, through the good and bad – your sister deserves a special gift this holiday season to show just how much you care. We love Sapahn products because not only are they beautiful, but they’re carefully crafted and use ethically sourced materials. To see how the team at Sapahn are changing the world check out their website and learn more about this wonderful company.

There is no doubt that your sis will fall in love with this simply elegant wallet that fits her style, with the absolute best material it will last her a lifetime. Paired alongside our Bergamot and Grapefruit candle, it’ll be a delight for her to spend her evenings relaxing with this natural and uplifting scent.

The perfect gift for your Brother:

2018 Feya Candle Holiday Gift Guide

With a sense of adventure you can barely keep up with, your brother will love these outdoorsy scents that smell amazing – along with a new go-to T-shirt from Little Mountain Print Shoppe. Snag the Campfire Candle and the Sandalwood Soap to complete your gift.

These rustic scents are favorites among the dudes, and paired along this unique design – you’ll definitely be the favorite gift giver this year. We adore Little Mountain Print Shoppe, with all of their products hand crafted in Lincoln, NE he will be rocking some of the most amazing artwork in town! You can find more of their products and order online.

The perfect gift for your Boyfriend:

2018 Feya Candle Holiday Gift Guide

We understand the difficulty of finding the right gift for him. Fortunately, we know exactly what to give that will be both useful and entertaining that you can enjoy together. With our Forest Pine scent to keep his place smelling fresh, your dreams of being outdoors in nature will seem to be true even when you’re watching Netflix and trying to keep warm indoors.

Keep him excited for 2019 with a pair of concert tickets to his favorite artist. Whether it be a road trip to a new place or a local gig, this time together will forever be a memory to share together – one of the greatest gifts you could give.

The perfect gift for your Girlfriend:

2018 Feya Candle Holiday Gift Guide

She’s unique and special, it’s obvious she needs an exceptional gift that stands out among the rest. As intimidating as it can be, we have the perfect gifts to please her taste and to show your affection.

Even if you don’t yet know her absolute favorite candle, you can’t go wrong with the classic scent of French Vanilla and Amber. Ask any woman, and we can guarantee they’ll gush about the love for this amber scent intertwined with vanilla to create such a pleasurable earthy tone. And of course, score some major points with this adorable frame, customized with a photo of you both together, maybe where you met, on your first date, or your favorite pastime to do as a couple. Add in a French Vanilla and Amber Soap to complete the package!

The perfect gift for the BFF:

2018 Feya Candle Holiday Gift Guide

More than likely, you share almost the exact same taste and style as your BFF. So, you may want to order 2 on this one or risk keeping it all for yourself.

Fashion forward and globally conscious, this artisan crafted scarf from Sapahn will compliment you BFF perfectly this winter. Check out how they are making a positive impact on the world on their site while you pick one up. And of course, to go along with your cozy winter wine nights is our Black Oak Currant candle to top it all off. With that, you can check the BFF off your 2018 Feya Candle Holiday Gift Guide list!

The perfect gift for the Cook:

2018 Feya Candle Holiday Gift Guide

A sure fit for any pastry fanatic, and the perfect gift for your favorite cook this holiday season. Creme Brûlée is a decadent candle fragrance that will have them swooning outside the kitchen, and this specialty salt set will have them ecstatic to be put to use, donated by Lincoln Art and Soul.

Learn more about the mission of Lincoln Art and Soul and about what they do at www.lincolnartandsoul.com. You can even check out activities such as art and cooking classes to make for a fun night out after the Holidays.

The perfect gift for the Partier:

2018 Feya Candle Holiday Gift Guide

She’s the life of the party – and you know she needs some new wine socks to show off her dance moves this winter season. Holiday season never ends in her house, she always needs new additions and nothing is better than having the scent of the happiest time of the year always accessible. This is why we chose the Holiday Cheer candle scent for her!

We found these amazing socks at Jilly’s Socks and things, yes – stores dedicated to amazing socks actually exist! You can order your own carefully selected socks online or if you’re in the neighborhood stop in the store and shop through their 100’s of styles yourself!

The perfect gift for the Reader:

2018 Feya Candle Holiday Gift Guide

The importance of ambiance is something your book lover friend knows best, and there’s nothing that beats getting cozy with a great read along with a candle and a nice warm drink by your side.

With a quick trip to Hobby Lobby and local used book store, you can easily put together this perfect gift for your favorite reader. Whether you find a classic that you know they haven’t read in ages, or one of your personal favorite books, they will be so grateful for your thoughtfulness.

A loveable mug for that evening beverage, a Harvest and Cedar candle to stimulate their brain, and a great read to top it all off – you’re set!!!

The perfect gift for the Traveler:

2018 Feya Candle Holiday Gift Guide

If they aren’t physically somewhere tropical, they sure wish they were. Our Caribbean Salsa candle is the perfect way to bring the sensation of sweet fruits and the ocean breeze into their home.

And when that doesn’t fully satisfy their need for the sea, a new passport holder and luggage tags available at Hobby Lobby will be on hand and ready for them to catch their next flight. Wherever they go in the world, these special gifts will always be with them to remind them of you!

The perfect gift for the Boss:

2018 Feya Candle Holiday Gift Guide

Simple, practical and a hint of sassy are key for a #BossGift for your boss. Deep smoky notes from the Southern Tobacco candle will enhance her office and bring tranquility, while the boss mug and plate you can find at Hobby Lobby will empower her and show your appreciation for everything she does for your workplace.

You’ll be sure to score some points with your superior this winter season, what better way to start off the New Year??

We’re hopeful that our 2018 Feya Candle Holiday Gift Guide was helpful in selecting the perfect gift for those in your life this holiday season. Browse around and comment below with your great gift additions to our boxes and *stay tuned* for a giveaway announcement on social media of some of these great items!

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