There may be high-traffic posting times, countless hashtag suggestions and various Instagram engagement tactics floating around on the internet, but what good does any of that do if you’re not actually saying anything to the world, or more specifically, to your audience? 

It’s all garbage. IF you haven’t established the personality that will ensure your tactics feel less like a strategy from a business and more like an authentic interaction with someone they can trust. 

FIRST: Decide on Your Attitude – Using Tone

How you’re saying it… 

The tone you use affects what you say and how you say it. Tone gives your brand a chance to flex its personality and show your audience that you get them. Focus on how your fans like to be communicated with- if they’re a sarcastic bunch with a dry sense of humor, maybe deadpanning one liners is what rakes in the engagement. On the other hand, if you’re building up a community of introverts or deep conversationalists, longer-form, genuine captions could be the ticket. When your audience relates to the way you talk (or type) and express yourself, they’re more likely to engage and boost up your brand, on and offline. You can workshop with your team by presenting opposing adjectives and deciding which one is most appropriate for your brand (i.e. formal vs. casual, serious vs. playful, etc.).

NEXT: Develop Key Phrasing – Find Your Voice

What we’re actually saying… 

Spending just 10 minutes with someone is often enough to pick up on their mannerisms, their nervous habits or their go-to ‘filler words’. Brands should feel the same, but since we’re only what matters, our key phrasing needs to be a lot stronger than ums and likes. Emotionally charged calls to action can resonate when they’re authentic to the brand personality, so instead of just saying ‘give us your email so we can send you our newsletter’, entice our audience with what they’ll actually gain from joining your email list in a way that’s so you. Reference the adjectives you selected in the first step after writing each phrase, and ask does this sound _____? (formal, serious, etc.)

 THEN:  Send it Home – Connect, Really

Some individuals can afford to be moody, or even hit-or-miss, but when it comes to brands mastering their voice and tone, consistency is key. Every interaction someone has with your brand should ooze its personality, the preview text of every email, the intro to any customer service response, the way you answer and hang up the phone… Even the way you address your fans; you can create a ‘nickname’ for them like the brains behind Frank Body using ‘babe’ to address their collective group of skincare fans, they send it home with personality, every single time, which keeps their customers engaged and coming back for more. 


Developing the voice and tone of your brand is a process that must be tried, tested and gauged by the response from your potential and current followers. So get started, it takes time to find and connect with your people. And if you’re unsure of how strong the personality of your brand can really be, or want some other quick tips for Instagram, Oh Hello can help.



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