3 Ways to Ensure a Return Instead of an Eyeroll:  Working Influencers to Your Brands Advantage

Influencers present their own set of unique, 21st century challenges, obstacles and connotations but they can also be an eye opening resource for testing what your audience is into. I know, I know – we can’t just start giving away product to people with the biggest Instagram followings and expect sales to flow in. In fact, those with follower counts in the 1,000 to 5,000 range seem to have the sweet spot figured out, pulling in higher engagement rates on average than mega profiles with over 5,000 and 10,000 followers. So there’s a lot more to leveraging influencer marketing to your advantage than just reeling in the biggest fish. 

What else can help when utilizing influencers in retail?

Be selective. Be strategic and protective. Be smart.

Be Selective: 

IGTV Tryons 

People want to be able to experience your product as much as humanly possible before hitting that “confirm order” button. So let them. Let them experience the try-on process of your clothing, or the assembly of your industrial light, or whatever else it is that people wish they could do or see before falling completely in love with your product.  But be selective with who is hosting, if they’re going into IGTV cold, their followers won’t know to tune in. Pay attention to the way a potential influencer utilizes and interacts with the platform just as much as the content they’re producing.

Be Strategic and Protective:  

Signed Policy Document or Agreement

When “free” is involved, people tend to disappear. Ensure you don’t get rolled for product giveaways and followers by compiling an email agreement ahead of time. You can set up the rules and guidelines for working with your brand, and have anyone you choose to pair up with agree to sign off! A little extra work upfront can save you a lot of pain, frustration and even embarrassment in the long run. 

Be Smart: 

Use Tracking Tools to Your Advantage

One of my favorite old adages is: work smarter, not harder. So while you’re off giving influencers discount codes to share with their thousands of followers – and mentally adding up your margins – your bait can be doing more than just making your brand appear generous. Assign specific discount codes to each brand rep, so you can keep track of how helpful they are to your sales (or not), it’s all about testing! Just make sure you have something to show for it.

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