This company would not be what it is today if Chief Candle Lady Sarah didn’t sit down on a bar stool 8 years ago and ask our Director of Digital Fantasticness Cali to be her friend. The rest is a history full of friendship, travel, and supporting each other in creatively building businesses. Cali is a complete boss lady, owning multiple companies of her own and officially adding Feya to her portfolio in 2016. She resides by the waves of the Gulf Coast and handles all social media, creates beautiful imagery and videos for Feya. 

Why she loves Feya: The mission behind Feya is something I care about, and I love being able to help others around the world. Being able to work side by side with some amazing people is also a bonus!

Burning Desire: My burning desire is to build a life outside the norm, showing others you can achieve anything you set your heart to!

3 things she loves: The Color Pink, Breakfast Food, and Traveling the World!

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