Our Gatekeeper of Goodness, Courtney, came on with Feya in 2016. First helping with random tasks then taking over our Fundraising Department, helping organizations raise money for their dreams and goals while giving back around the world at the same time.  Now, she works alongside Jennifer to find the best possible companies to partner up with Feya products. Courtney rocks her own business as an amazingly talented Nail Tech and has added not only a pop of pure awesome to the company, but a rockin’ sense of humor too!

What she loves about Feya: Working at Feya is exciting because I get to give back. Not only do I get to reach out to my community and help young people earn money to do what they love, I know that with every candle I help them sell, Feya is giving back all over the world. It is so fulfilling knowing that what I do for work is making a positive global impact.

Burning Desire: When I think about my burning desire to accomplish in my life, it is simply to strive every day to make others feel amazing.

3 things she loves: nail polish, books, dogs

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