Our Queen of Design & Chatter, Kenzie, first reached out to one of Cali’s companies for a school design project. When she was clearly amazingly talented, Chief Candle Lady Sarah reahced out immediately and Kenzie officially joined Feya in 2017, heading up our Graphic Design, all Email Communications, Blogging and lots of other bits and pieces! Kenzie is creative, has an adorably bright smile and is finishing up her degree in Design currently. 

Why she loves Feya: Working at Feya has been such an incredible pleasure, for an endless amount of reasons. Not only am I able to do what I love, but I’m able to collaborate with creative, hilarious, and inspiring women who are changing the world. I fell in love with the mission of Feya as soon as I became familiar with who they were. It reminds me that we can all do our part in making the world a better place, even just by buying a candle. 

Burning desire: So many things I’d love to accomplish in life! I think it’d be incredible to become a master scuba diver. I’d love to dive in the Blue Hole in the Red Sea, it’d be terrifying but so thrilling!

3 things she loves: My favorite things are: traveling the world on the smallest budget possible, hanging out with my 3 year old nephew and competing in who is the most sassy, and falling to sleep after a long day (:

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