Chief Candle Lady Sarah founded Feya Candle Co in 2014 in Nebraska. Inspired by the love and comfort given to her by her Granny Faye & Aunt Pamela, who both passed far too young, she knew if you create a company with a big heart at it’s center, it can live like they lived – with compassion and with greatness. She heads up Department Store accounts, general direction of the company and her favorite part: the giving back Feya does!

Why she loves Feya: Feya is my heart and soul, it allows me to give back in a way that connects me to both my heritage and my future. It also allows me to show my children you can do anything if you work hard and are nice to people. 

Burning Desire: to provide 1 million meals through Feya

3 things she loves: traveling, cooking, wizarding shenanigans with her husband and kids

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