What’s New For Feya

We’ve made it through our Wanderlust journey and here we stand on the other side. No worse for wear but ready to get back to our roots. We wanted to focus on what Feya is at its’ core, and that is helping those in need.

We have talked about partnering with Feeding America and all of the good they have been able to do. Working with them has been an amazing experience and lets us make the biggest difference with our donations.

                     What's New For FeyaWhat's New For Feya

That is where we have been and what we have been working on but what’s next for Feya? Well as you may have guessed we have an all-new smelly little venture. Next month we will be releasing our new soap line. Our soap is made in the USA and will be offered in a variety of new scents, but our favorite part is the 1-1 soap program that comes with it. For every bar of soap purchases we will be donating a bar of soap to homeless shelters and communities in need.

Just like a meal, soap can be something many of us take for granted. It rarely crosses my mind when I take a shower in the morning, but I would certainly notice if it was gone. If we can take one less thing off someone’s mind, one less thing to worry about, then I think we have done our job.

Working with a team like Feya is something I feel incredibly lucky to be doing and that wouldn’t be possible without all of your continued support. From that support, we stand at 18,962 meals given to those most in need. But other than us thanking you continually over social media and this very blog, we wanted to create an opportunity to thank you in person.

In December we will be doing a packing party to make meals for those who need it most. But what we need to make that happen is your help. Come see it with your own eyes, feel your hands making a difference. The energy of these packing parties is something I can’t really put into words. But I know for sure it would be an experience you would never forget.

We will have more details on the packing party in the coming weeks so watch those emails for that. Until next my friends, smell ya later.

Your Candle Correspondent,

Tyler Brown

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