She is divine, sophisticated, and embodies the confidence of a super star. Our May candle of the month is from our line of Wanderlust candles and is inspired by the City of Angels, Los Angeles. Black Oak Currant is 10% off all of May, and as always, we provide a meal to a child in need for every candle sold.

L.A. has left an important footprint in the story of Feya, as our Chief Candle Lady and our Director of Digital Fantasticalness made an appearance at the 2014 Oscars in the Celebrity Connected Gifted Suite. Sarah and Cali spread our mission to some of the most famous figures in the world, and encouraged these influencers to make a change alongside us. “It was so empowering to stand in a room full of that caliber of people, sharing our mission to change the world with them,” Cali said. “As we shook their hands and engaged in conversation, we felt new relationships forming and big things happening. So many were on board with the mission and the product, and couldn’t wait to share it with their networks.”

While The Oscars were a huge step for Feya, the bigger piece came after the fact, with what was learned from the experience. “It brought us together as a team, and was our first big event to tackle together,” Cali said. “Our teamwork made that event possible, and we banded together through the good AND the bad of that trip. But at the end of the day, everyone shared the same mission, from our team to the celebrities, and it was empowering to know the changes we were making in the world.”

Every one of our candles have a story behind them, and they’re all changing the world thanks to your support. As we continue to give, our wild stories are inspiring new ways for us to grow and make a positive impact.

Black Oak Currant represents the exhilarating adventures that we’ve experienced, and the ones that are yet to come. The undertone of dark black currants mix with the soft earthy notes of oak leaves you yearning for a taste of the finer things in life, while appreciating what is most important to you.

Order Black Oak Currant today a and use the promo code: COTMOAK to receive 10% off. Offer ends 5/31/19.

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