Gift Ideas for the Reader!

The perfect gift for your friend who struggles to put their book down - time to embrace their love for a cozy read with these gifts!

These Socks that Give Books from Conscious Step are a necessity for any avid reader. With this gift, they'll truly appreciate that a book was donated to a child - spreading their love for education around the world. 

To help them set up their ideal ambiance while flipping the pages, our Sage & Cinnamon Candle will be a delightful earthy yet warm fragrance. Our candles provide a meal to a child in need around the world. 


We believe the in importance of making a difference in the world. These gifts provide support to education and provide necessary meals that are changing lives, because of you. 

Each pair of Socks that Give Books from Conscious Step donates one school book through our partner Room to Read. Together, over 37,485 school books have been provided. They are dedicated to ethical production, quality and environmental sustainability. All products are fairtrade and vegan certified. Each pair is
matched with a different charitable impact; 15+ nonprofit partners.

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