Feya Fundraisers

What’s your cause? Whatever it may be - our fundraisers are exactly what you need to raise financial support for your cause, and it is so much fun! No matter what you’re raising money for - clubs, activities, sports programs, charities - Feya is confident in your ability to sell candles so that you can keep working towards your dreams!

Not only will you be helping your cause by raising money for what you love - you'll be helping us change the world. Every candle YOU sell, you will be providing a meal to a child in need around the world. 

In fact, our mini-candle lady, Isabelle, raised money to send herself to theatre camp after her parents needed a financial break from the expenses. After taking matters into her own hands, she spent about a month selling candles to attend camp and had a blast while doing it. 

After chatting with Isabelle, she gave us some tips to share with all of you - future fundraisers. Isabelle began by figuring out exactly how much she needed to sell in order to accomplish her goal, and even gathered her friends to join. More simple tips include: 


Chat with people you know. 

Isabelle had a lot of success reaching out to her parents and grandparents friends. Over half of her Grandma’s craft group supported her cause by purchasing a candle!


Sell when it’s convenient.

Having your own mini business has its perks, such as flexible hours! It’s best to talk to people    when you know they will be home, and aren’t busy with other activities. 


Explain your cause. 

When you show your passion and self-drive, you can do amazing things. We all love to support dreams and feel good when we purchase products that go towards a good cause. Luckily, when you sell Feya candles, customers support your cause and ours - double points!

People will love the idea of helping you achieve your goal, while at the same time making a difference by providing meals for people in need… PLUS you will be selling a product that makes their home smell AMAZING. 

There are NO minimums and NO upfront cost - AND you keep 50% of the profit! 

We want our mission and your mission to work together. Our partnership will change the world and make your dreams become a reality, no matter what you are working towards. 

If you are interested or would like more information, contact  hello@feyacandle.com. We look forward to changing the world together!

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