Feya Wanderlust Collection : Haitis' Caribbean Salsa

Escape to Paradise with Caribbean Salsa!

It is Day Unknown of the COVID-19 quarantine and we still seem to have a long road ahead of us until we are able to go back to our regular routine, not guaranteeing it will ever actually be regular again. Most, if not all, of us are confined to our home and trying to make the best of it.

Many of us have experienced shifts and cancellations to our spring and summer travels due to the current worldwide pandemic. They have even closed the beaches in many of our favorite international getaways. 

Sun, sand, sea, and an ice cold drink is the recipe for most of our ‘at-peace’ starter packages. When we find ourselves in these places, we find ourselves feeling calm, relaxed, and completely present.

We work hard all year to give ourselves that dream vacation where we can finally let go of all the stress we’ve built up throughout our days. Of course scenery plays a huge part in our mental health and well-being, however the mindset of being at peace when we arrive to these places is what actually helps kickstart our rest and recreation.

So, what do we do when we can’t go roam? We bring paradise home!

We can tap into that same feeling, right now, of the peace and joy we feel when we have our feet kicked up and a mango margarita in our hand. If we’ve felt it once we can recreate that very feeling because our mind is our most powerful tool! With any tool, you do have to take some time learning how to use it and adjust yourself in order to accomplish your goal.

Being mindful is not easy, but it is possible! More than ever, now we have the time to build up our mental muscle and exercise the power of positive mindset. We, at Feya, have some tips to help you peacefully dive into the depths of your mind and escape to paradise without ever having to leave your living room.

Tune in to your surroundings! When we travel to a new place, our senses are on overdrive and we become highly alert and aware of everything that is happening around us. We notice the sounds on the streets, the smells in the air, the flavors of foods, the colors in the sky, the way people interact with one another, the flora, the fauna, and what is native to that area. Everything becomes so rich and we are completely immersed into our environment.

After having dedicated large amounts of time to creating the space we feel comfortable resting our heads at night, we are no longer hypersensitive to our environment. We generally feel safe in our space and can allow our subconscious mind to absorb our surroundings.

A way for us to connect back to our current, personal habitats so they feel new again is by doing a five senses mindful meditation.

During this meditation we sit in a space of our choice and begin to identify five things for each of our five senses that we are experiencing right at that very moment. Then, final focus on five things we are grateful for within or without ourselves. There are a few things you can do ahead of time to really create the optimal setting for this practice. 

Dress comfortably and find a position that feels best for you. Whether that is sitting on the floor, in a chair, or lying down, give yourself the time to figure out where you feel best. Listen to the silence around you, you may notice it isn’t silent at all! This will be great for beginning your mindfulness. Maybe after you begin to listen, you start hearing the neighbors wind chimes, the breeze in the trees, or the bird’s song right outside of your window. Or, maybe you live in a densely populated area that with even the ‘stay-at-home’ mandates, it is just too loud to concentrate on anything. In this case, you can put on some soothing music or your favorite nature sounds to play in the background. We love to listen to the sounds of waves crashing along the shore and playing around with matching our breath to the rise and fall.

Lastly, light up some smell goods to help you feel good! 

Smell is the most sensitive of all our five senses and during spring and summer our sense of smell sharpens due to the extra moisture in the air. I’m sure you all know already, being loyal Feya customers, that the way a space smells can directly affect the way you feel. Studies have found that certain smells are able to evoke a muscle-relaxing effect that in turn alters your mood and can help reduce stress. In times like these, our go to scent for peace of mind is our Caribbean Salsa candle.

This fresh scent captivates you with robust fruity notes and is the perfect product to brighten up any room.

It also reminds us of Sarah’s, the founder of Feya’s life changing giving trip to Haiti. Even through all that the people of Haiti have endured, their happiness dominated everything and everyone around them. This, and the overwhelming delicious scents of fresh mango in the air, were the inspirations for Feya’s Caribbean Salsa candle to be created and complete the Wanderlust Line.

Sarah wanted Feya’s customers to feel the same sense of bliss through this product that she felt during her time in Haiti. This candle in particular is such a nice match to this awareness practice because of the many crisp and pleasant perfumes you can identify in its aroma. Caribbean Salsa is for sweet fragrance lovers and is the perfect pair to practice presence and create your very own paradise inside!

Bonus! Our Caribbean Salsa candle is our featured Candle of the Month - which means it's available to you for only $12.75 when you sign up for our Candle of the Month Club!

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