Feya Wanderlust Collection : Los Angeles’ Black Oak Currant

The next stop on our Wanderlust Collection journey takes us to sunny Los Angeles, California - A city that can chew you up and spit you back out without a second thought. This scent of Black Oak Currant is meant to embody the confidence and sophistication that Los Angeles seems to exude almost effortlessly.

L.A. is home to some of America’s most recognizable public figures and national events, including one important one: The Oscars. We were incredibly fortunate to have attended the 2014/2015 Oscars as a vendor in the Celebrity Connected Gifting Suite. It was more than just brushing shoulders with America’s most famous; we got to share our story and vision with people who could help us make a major change.

Picture this: Sarah, our chief candle lady chatting with an open-eared Terrell Owens (TO) about Feya’s mission to feed the world, one candle at a time. Strange I know - that NFL’s bad boy for over a decade, who made a name for himself by doing really whatever he pleased on and off the field, was eager to learn about our infant candle operation and our huge mission for one million meals.

Now before you roll your eyes at this obvious name drop, let me tell you why this is important. While we were very fortunate to be invited to be a part of The Oscars, just showing up and making the most of your opportunities are two completely different things. The experience as a whole ended up as a Murphy’s Law sort of fiasco. We were quickly reminded that the world as we knew it was much larger than our understanding of it, and we hit quite a few bumps in the road (both literal and figurative). In the end, we needed the Oscars, we needed it to jolt our reality that we had to up our game, and we needed the greats like TO to tell us we were on to something.

"The Oscars gifting suite was an amazing opportunity in and of itself," says Cali Hlavac, our Director of Digital Fantasticalness. "Despite all the setbacks and crazy situations we encountered, what we learned from sharing our story and mission with so many influential people was invaluable."

When I was giving you my interpretation of Wanderlust, I said you have to be willing to take the opportunity as an adventure when it presents itself. We merely grazed the surface of adventure in this blog series, if you want to know more feel free to email the Chief and I'm sure she'd be happy to expand on the wild story that has brought us to where we are. Remember showing up isn’t enough; you have to make the most of it. Because the cheeky thing about opportunity is that you never know when the next one is coming.

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