Feya Giving Tour

Our Chief Candle Lady, Sarah, is heading back out on the road for our Feya Giving Tour, this time meeting with amazing department stores in the USA! Every year we take time to pound the pavement, meet small (and large!) business owners face to face, and introduce them to Feya Candles. We are so excited to be out and spreading the word about our mission, and providing thousands of meals with each department store who signs with Feya Candles & Soaps!

Feya Giving Tour

Inspired by love, food, and family we are more than ectatic to have the opportunity to deliver meals to those in need across the USA. The amount of meals we have been able to provide has continually increased each year with the growth and support of Feya. We will be sure to keep you updated as Sarah sets out to change the world, one candle at a time.

You can catch up with Sarah and smell for yourself all of the Feya scents that are feeding the world, and we can’t wait to have them available in a department store near you!

Feya Giving Tour

First stop is Davenport, IA, next up Milwaukee, WI – then down to TX in the Fort Worth, Dallas & Plano areas! Finally the tour will wrap up in Nashville TN – once Sarah is back from TN, the tour has to come to a hault as the newest member of the Feya Family is due August 27th – Baby Spitsen!

Are you a store or boutique in those areas and want to get in touch? Shoot us an email at hello@feyacandle.com and we can swing by to drop off some smells to you!

If any department store signs on during the Feya Giving Tour, or even after – Feya promises to host a packing party of at least 10,000+ meals to donate to the homeless and hungry around the world. Share this with your favorite department, reach out them on Social Media, anything you can do to help us share the word about our mission to help us feed more people would be so appreciated!

Feya Packing Party

New Candle Packaging

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Now, lets go and change the world together!

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