Feya Wanderlust Collection

Like any great adventure, we all face our fair share of hardships and adversity. Sarah, our Chief Candle Lady has been very vocal about what Feya means to her and how she’s been able to make it what it is today. It’s hard for us to imagine going through everything she has and still make it out on the other side. But that is what wanderlust is really all about.

When you think of an adventure you may think of castles and knights or a bean stalk that touches the sky, but an adventure is really whatever you want to make of it. You don’t have to travel the world by land, air, and sea. You just have to be ready to take the opportunity when it calls to you, and hold on when times get tough.

Feya Wanderlust Collection

Over the next five weeks we will be taking you on the journey of our new Feya Wanderlust Collection. Five new scents for five significant places that inspired Feya’s story. These scents will embody what these destinations are about and the experiences we’ve had along the way.

Feya Wanderlust Collection

We have had this idea in the works for over a year now and we are more than ecstatic to finally be able to share it with you. Hopefully this will give you a deeper look at where we’ve been, what we’ve experienced, and how that has shaped us into who Feya is as a company today. Through winding roads and boundless uncertainties, our goal has always stayed the same: we stand here today hoping to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Your Candle Correspondent,
Tyler Brown

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