If you’re unfamiliar with what a Packing Party is, let us fill you in. With a goal in mind of feeding 1 million people, Feya partnered with Kids Against Hunger to host an event where volunteers packed 10,000 meals to be distributed to families within the community in Lincoln, Nebraska. It was an incredible opportunity for people in the community to join together, work together, laugh, and have a day to purely be selfless.

It’s easy for us all to be wrapped up in our own lives, often neglecting to think about larger issues in the world. However, at the packing party we were able to see the impact of doing something as small as buying a candle, resulting in feeding a family who doesn’t have the same opportunities as many of us.

To pack 10,000 meals, all it took was 3 hours, 30 people and the passion to give back. Because of the support Feya has received, we were able to be apart of improving the world that Feya works effortlessly to enhance each day.

Feya Packing Party

It was an honor to be surrounded by the support of all the unique individuals who participated, including about 10 kids, as young as 5, who showed an amazing amount of enthusiasm partaking in their duties. Whether it was assembling boxes, scooping rice or just spreading their laughter, they had a great understanding on the importance of what they were doing. They were the heart of the upbeat environment that overflowed The Bay as everyone worked as a team to accomplish packing 10,000 meals for Kids Against Hunger.

Everyone who attended the Packing Party would express the abundance of enthusiasm and excitement that we all felt as a whole. There were 3 lines, each had to fill the bags with the food and nutrients, staple it shut and pack them all into a box. The room was filled with united voices exclaiming “BOX!!!” every time a line had completed packing an entire box, ready to be shipped off.

Feya Packing Party

Words can’t express the overwhelming feeling as we observed our community coming together to achieve such a huge accomplishment. There were individuals who came alone, families with young children, teenagers of all ages – all who were able to get to know one another while participating in the activity, and bond over their love of the experience from that day.

Follow along in our inspiring journey as Feya continues to host Packing Parties across the United States, connecting more communities and giving back to those who need it most.

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