Florida Gulf Coast’s White Tea and Ginger

Last week we made our way down through Nashville, Tennessee and met our Director of Digital Fantasticness, Cali. But that was just the halfway point between Sarah and Cali. This week we go all the way down to the breezy Gulf Coast of Florida, where the responsibilities of work and the everyday routine slip away while the crisp sea air takes over, to bring you the story behind our White Tea and Ginger fragrance.

Florida Gulf Coast White Tea and Ginger

When talking to Sarah about her time in the Florida Gulf Coast, it was easy to see what it meant to her. Sarah loves her work, but she can probably work a little too hard sometimes. When she was talking about being on the beach and just forgetting about her day-to-day undertakings, it was clear that it was a very special place.

After the third week of doing this series I think it finally hit me as to what this series is all about. We’ve been sharing stories about finding your journey and not letting opportunities pass you by; which is all well and good, but what are all these travels and experiences worth if you don’t find those places that are truly special to you? You won’t like everything you try or every place you go, but it’s important that you went and found out for yourself.

Wanderlust is a deep desire to travel but I’m finding it to be more of a search – a search for the places that will open your heart and make you fall in love with them and the feeling of being there. Not just checking a destination off your list but throwing out your list because you’ve found the setting for your story. Now if this sounds like the ramblings of someone who doesn’t have it all figured out, you might just be right. But that’s what Wanderlust is to me.

To Sarah and Cali, the Florida Gulf Coast is free and easy living. Sarah described the water of the Gulf Coast being clear and honest like it had nothing to hide. which was the inspiration behind the sweet scent of White Tea and Ginger. This scent is everything you want it to be, and nothing you don’t.

white tea and ginger

We will be making the last stop on our Wanderlust journey next week so make sure look out for that. But until then, go find the setting to your story.

Your Candle Correspondent,
Tyler Brown

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