Feya Wanderlust Caribbean Salsa

“Something I’ll never be able to put into words”

This is what Sarah told me when I first asked her about her giving trip to Haiti. She stressed that you can’t really imagine what the people of Haiti have gone through until you see it in person.

“It’s almost easier to talk about how much it hurt to leave,” said Sarah, founder of Feya Candle Company. “While I was there I was filled with so much happiness getting to know the people and children of Montrouis, but leaving broke my heart. It was so difficult leaving knowing I was going back to consistencies like a meal every day, or a bed to sleep in and I don’t know that I met anyone during my time there that could say the same.”

Feya Wanderlust Caribbean Salsa

The level of poverty and food scarcity in Haiti is something we may not be able to really understand here in America. Sarah’s trip was based around helping build projects and providing some much needed meals for the locals. The emotion was ever present while Sarah explained this part of the trip. To see the local children unburdened by hunger and able to escape their daily struggles for a short while left Sarah reaffirmed in her mission with Feya.

Feya Wanderlust Caribbean Salsa

There wasn’t much local food that she could eat, so she ate mostly mangos and other fruits while in Haiti. That is how the Caribbean Salsa scent was born. This vibrant tropical fragrance symbolizes the bright spirit of the people of Haiti and brings back the flood of memories from Feya’s first giving trip.

Feya Wanderlust Caribbean Salsa

This scent jumps out at you with strong fruity tones, perfect for the sweet fragrance candle lovers. It’s a perfect candle for the summer but it would certainly brighten up any occasion.

This will conclude our first journey into Feya’s Wanderlust line. We just wanted to thank all of you again for your continued support. Everything we are able to do here at Feya wouldn’t be possible without you.

Your Candle Correspondent,
Tyler Brown

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