Hope in a Bar of Soap

A bar of soap probably doesn’t cross your mind other than those few minutes a day in the shower – we know how easy it is to forget about it with everything happening in your day to day. For many, however, that thought weighs heavy, along with many other concerns we might take for granted in our everyday lives.

At Feya, we strive to give those in need one less thing to worry about, which is why we are proud to introduce you to our newest venture: Hope in A Bar of Soap! For every bar of soap sold, Feya will be giving an additional bar of soap to a local homeless shelter or community in need.

Hope in a Bar of Soap

This new soap line will be inspired by some of Feya’s best selling candles and will always be made with natural ingredients and fragrance oils your skin will love. Just like our candles, let’s break down why all natural ingredients are the most important not only for the health of our bodies, but for our environment as well.

Many other soaps include sorbitol, sodium cocoate, propylene glycol, sodium stearate, glycerine, titanium dioxide, and fragrance oil. With Science not being my strong suit (that C- in chemistry is really coming in handy) I’m going to break this down for you the best I can.

Lets start with the humectants, which is just a fancy word that means something that retains moisture. Next is sorbitol, which is a sugar, derived from things like corn and seaweed and is FDA approved for beauty and body products. Propylene glycol is yet another scary sounding word but have no fear, it is a product of natural gas that is used as another humectant. It also keeps the bar of soap from just melting away while it sits in your shower. The last humectant is glycerin, which is a derivative from natural vegetable fats and oils. This makes it perfect for those with especially sensitive skin because our glycerin is completely natural without any additives.

The second half of the ingredients list works to fortify and color our soap. Starting with a seemingly scary compound, sodium cocoate, actually is just a breakdown of coconut oils used to fortify the soap. Sodium stearate is a common soap product made from vegetable products used to stabilize and thicken the soap creating that luxurious lather you feel. Lastly, titanium dioxide, is a natural mineral commonly used in sunscreen that is used to give a natural white pigment to beauty and body products.

Hope in a Bar of Soap

The last bit of “sciencey” talk is directed at our fragrance oils. All have been FDA certified skin safe. And while the candles we will be offering for sale will be based off our best selling candle scents, the soaps donated will be scent free to avoid issues with things like preferences or aversions.

Now if your eyes haven’t glazed over be on the lookout for our new natural soap line coming later this month. You can finally lather, rinse, and repeat with your favorite Feya scents.

Your candle correspondent,
Tyler Brown

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