As the holiday season sneaks up on us yet again, so do the abundance of parties to bring family and friends together in celebration. Natasha Salem, owner and Lead Designer at Inspiring Homes Design gives an insight to her expertise on how to decorate for Holiday Parties and hosting a memorable gathering for all of your loved ones.

How To Decorate For Holiday Parties

What are your top tips for decorating for the holidays?
I love using Metallics. As with design in general, it is perfectly fine to mix metals (i.e. golds with silver and a touch of copper or rose gold). Mixing adds interest and a visual pop to your overall design. The other benefit of using metallics is that some pieces can work year round, saving you time and money.

How To Decorate For Holiday Parties

What are the top 3 things you need to include when setting up for a party?
I think that considering the display of your food is important and using different tiered trays and glassware can really add some nice interest. Also, the touch of using real candles in your design adds to the ambiance and lighting to create a warm and welcoming feel. Finally, having a specialty drink such as sangria, something that you can make ahead of time, always adds to the festive feel and is a huge time saver with overall drink preparation.

How To Decorate For Holiday Parties

What do you recommend for those party planners on a budget?
When you’re deciding how to decorate for holiday parties, don’t be afraid to use items for holiday decor that you can use throughout the year, like your metal accents. Repurposing decor is a great way to save money. Also, for this specific table setting, I found cute little vases on sale for 75 cents each. I added a little cranberry sprig for a festive feel, but you could also use a simple fresh flower if you are celebrating another holiday this winter season. As a little gift for each guest, I found a set of these 6 fun ornaments for under $10 (also available in green for a pop of color). It is nice to have a keep sake for guests to take home (that doesn’t break the bank) and you could tie on a name tag if you want to go a little fancy.

How To Decorate For Holiday Parties

How can Feya products help when setting up for a party this Holiday Season?
The simple, timeless look of your white candles appeals to all designs, and the festive scents can get anyone in the mood for a holiday celebration. The versatility of the style can compliment any look, and they are also a conversation starter because I love to be able to tell family and friends about the story behind the candle – the mission of helping feed children.
It’s a design and a humanity win!

How To Decorate For Holiday Parties

We couldn’t agree more! The timeless feel of our candles and our festive holiday scents are two main reasons we love the holiday season. We hope you have some takeaways on how to decorate for Holiday Parties. We’d love to hear from you – What are your favorite decorating tips? Leave them in the comments below!

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