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How To Use Your Instagram Highlight Stories Feature

When the Instagram Story feature first arrived on the scene, you probably noticed brands scrambling to use the feature and putting out lower quality content. Now with over 300 million people using it daily, additional brands –  especially those in fashion and retail – need to produce higher quality content that sticks. 

To take it back a step, the Instagram Highlight Stories feature allows you to group old Stories together in a new section that sits below your Instagram bio. And, it allows you to showcase your favorite Stories permanently on your profile. You can create custom Instagram Stories Highlight covers to group pieces together.

This section takes up prime real estate on your Instagram so you have to get smart about how you use it. Here are 5 ways to do it well:

    1. Run a poll – if you’re selling anything on Instagram, what better way to find out what your customers actually want to purchase? You can create a Highlight that allows your audience to take a poll and tell you what brands they like, what they’d spend on a pair of jeans or even if they’re taking on new trends with fire. Utilizing the poll feature allows you to get constant and consistent feedback on the gram.
    2. Show tutorials –– Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask yourself what they want to see. If you’re selling curling irons, showing different ways to use the product on an Instagram Highlight story is fantastic. Or, if you’re a boutique, share successful style stories grouped together and let people see how you made a customer confident when leaving your store.
    3. Extend your profile with basic information – You can entice your customers to see your space if they can catch a glimpse of the Instagrammable spots, unique art on your walls or learn about your specific services that set you apart. Grouping together what makes your space so awesome in one Highlight can bring people there. 
  • Host a contest – Any time you host a contest or giveaway on your Instagram feed, if you’re posting regularly, that content will eventually be pushed down. Creating a contest that people can check in with and enter through your Highlight makes it quick and easy for you to engage with your audience. It’s best to have one Highlight that has all of your giveaways so people know to follow your profile and check back there!
  • Maximize your reach with cross-promotion  – If you collaborate with a local photographer or work with influencers, create an Instagram Stories Highlight for each category that allows you to tag them and the content you’ve created together so that they can share it too. It’s a great way to let people discover who you’re working with and they may end up returning the favor so you both grow. 

Keep in mind, if you want to be strategic with how these are placed, every time you add a new story in a Highlight, the Highlight will automatically move to the beginning of your list. If you need to rearrange, you’ll have to delete what you have so far and reupload in chronological order.

So yes, timing can mean everything, but placement is important too. And keeping your brand’s social media presence running smoothly requires more than just creating the content, but utilizing the capabilities of each platform to ensure you get the most out of every post. 

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