Meet The Feya Team – Jennifer Morgan

Have you ever met a person for the first time, and immediately got a sense of their exuberant, funny, and kind-hearted personality that you were instantly captivated? Well, that person is Jennifer Morgan, otherwise known as the Director of Growth and Goodness at Feya Candles.

Jennifer works with our boutique retailers in many different aspects. She gives them a product they will be able to market and sell, but she also sits downs and listens to them. She is attentive in knowing the wants, needs, and concerns that businesses have – and she’s always more than happy to do so. Jennifer goes above and beyond sales, and most importantly, she helps our retailers make an impact on the world.

How she came about this position with Feya was actually quite unexpected for her. During last holiday season, she had taken her daughter to Gateway Mall in Lincoln, NE for some shopping and time at the playground. When she strolled by the Feya kiosk – she thought about how perfect it would be to have a part-time holiday position working at the kiosk where she could be surrounded by amazing scents and a gorgeous display. She had heard a bit about Feya previously, and she loved the idea of working for a good cause.

As soon as she arrived home, Jennifer immediately went to the Feya website and emailed our founder, Sarah, with her resume. The next day, Sarah reached out to her to talk more about a position at Feya. However, Jennifer fell sick for 3 weeks and ultimately began to think that it would not work out.

When Jennifer finally regained her strength and was back in good health, Sarah brought her the amazing news right before Christmas that she would like to offer her the Sales Director position based on her extensive background in retail and sales.

From the time Jennifer was 16 years old, she has worked in customer service and retail where she thrived and absolutely loved interacting and meeting new people. Her 20 years of experience in customer service and her lively personality is just a couple reasons that Jennifer is the perfect fit for Sales in our Feya Family.

Creating relationships with new and existing clients of Feya is one of the most important things to Jennifer. She wants them to love us, love working with us, and love our product. We appreciate Jennifer Morgan in her strive to make the world a better place with all of us at Feya!

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