1,800 meals given in honor of my father, Sam

Last month, my father passed. It has completely broken my heart.

Through extremely generous donations in my father’s name, we have provided 1,800 meals to children in need through Feeding America, and I cannot express my gratitude to those who have made this possible, knowing that his love will live on by helping others is something he would have been very proud of. 

Thank you so very much!
Chief Candle Lady, Sarah
(above is a photo of my dad and I after he flew to Denver to help me serve meals at Christmas time 2014)


Get to know Sam:

Here are a few tid bits I would love to share about my dad, Sam:

  • He was a great mechanic and could fix anything with a motor.
  • He was always there to help others when they called on him.
  • When I told him I wanted to start my own company, his first question was: how can I help??

My dad has forever changed my life, and I can’t express how much I miss him, through his love and inspiration, he will always be a part of Feya and what we give back to our world.

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