Nashville’s Southern Tobacco

Our journey began on the tropical island of Haiti before stopping in the ambitious city of Los Angeles, California. Next, our journey takes us to Music City, USA – a city with such deep-rooted history that it’s easy to get lost in its mystique. Read on to learn more about how the scent of Southern Tobacco and Nashville helped shape the future of Feya Candles.

Southern Tobacco

We’ve been breaking down the idea of wanderlust in this series through our travels: how you can get lost in exploration or just let a journey take hold and hang on for the ride. But journey’s don’t always go as planned, and sometimes you have to weather the storm and pick up the pieces after.

With Sarah in Lincoln and Cali (our Director of Digital Fantasticalness) in Destin, Florida, Nashville quickly became the center point for Feya. Sarah and Cali became friends almost instantly after a spontaneous run in at a local Lincoln watering hole. This friendship built for years through business, networking and fun and eventually led to a business partnership in Feya. Nashville has been home to a variety of photo shoots, inspirations, and meetings of the minds.

In those meetings you can find Sarah and Cali parked in a Nashville coffeehouse or tavern working for hours. But it’s not just working; its old friends catching up and creating in a way that you just can’t do remotely. On one particular trip though, Sarah got more than she bargained for. Car troubles coupled with an unsavory mechanic forced Sarah to spend every last dime she had just to make it Nashville. She had to stay with her parents and bust her butt for a couple weeks to get back on the road and back on track for Feya.

Southern Tobacco

I know Sarah would say that particular trip to Nashville was so very important to her and Feya because of what she learned from it. Adversity always hits you when you when you’re least expecting it, but you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back to it. Nashville will always hold a special place in Feya’s heart, so it was a must for our Wanderlust Collection.

Southern Tobacco

We chose the scent of Southern Tobacco because of the rolling tobacco fields that line the winding roads around Nashville and the American Southeast. This scent has deep smoky notes with some interesting subtleties that will be sure to please your nostrils.

Stay tuned for next week’s entry in our Wanderlust series.

Your Candle Correspondent,

Tyler Brown

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