Nebraska’s Harvest and Cedar : Feya Wanderlust Collection

We have reached the final leg of our Wanderlust journey and Feya’s home base, Nebraska. To most, Nebraska doesn’t sound overwhelmingly exotic or exciting. Your mind conjures up sprawling fields of corn being tended to by a man in overalls driving a big green tractor. Not saying you’re wrong, I’ve met that man many times over, but I’m here to tell you that Nebraska is so much more than that.

Last blog we spoke about finding your special place, the setting to your story. Sarah’s special escape was the Gulf Coast of Florida, that’s where she hits the reset button. This week we’re talking about the place we call home. All journeys come to an end, and in the end we are home.

Located in the middle of flyover country, Nebraska might be hard to pick out on a map for anyone not from the heartland. Nebraska certainly has many natural beauties throughout its’ great rolling hills but it’s the people that are truly special. Sarah said it best “The people of Nebraska believe in community over competition” and she would know. Every business encounters struggles and perseveres failures, and Sarah will be the first to admit her failures along the way. Despite those failures here Feya stands, but it does not stand alone. She has received many helping hands from fellow Nebraskans who don’t see it as a bother but rather just something that you do.

Harvest and Cedar

It’s pretty hard to talk about Nebraska without mentioning our beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers. Within the schools fight song you’ll find some old-time phrases but one sticks out to me “ We all stick together in all types of weather”. No matter what we have each other’s back and will lend a hand when someone is down. That to me is what home is all about, the place I want to be at the end of any journey.

Harvest and Cedar

So in that sentiment is the Harvest and Cedar candle, which carries deep earthy and Fall tones throughout. There’s an essence that I can only sum up as a feeling of the way things used to be. This scent is confident in what it is and it does not hold back.

I won’t hold back either, despite our Wanderlust series coming to an end. I will be back next blog with a new smelly topic.

Your Candle Correspondent,
Tyler Brown


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