New Candle Packaging

We are so thrilled to introduce to you our brand new candle packaging for Feya Candle Company! Each unique and energetic – ready to take on the world.

New Candle Packaging

We have been so proud to be able to give back, create relationships, and hear stories from people all around the world. We pride ourselves on this and we are incredibly excited that our containers match our values of warmth and positivity.

These charismatic new boxes make it even more fun to continue to work toward our goal to improve communities around the world. Along with our work to give back meals – this comes along with the pleasure of spreading love and smiles to both the children we are able provide meals to, and to our customers as well.

Another great thing about these boxes – they are incredibly easy and fun to open to smell your favorite candle. The unique petal box just takes a small twist to unlock the scents of amazingness inside – it even entices you more with a surprise ‘smell me’ on a petal.

New Candle Packaging

You’ll have to check them out in the nearest store that supplies Feya Candles. One look at these vibrant containers and your imagination will start running wild with the scent that’s inside. We know you will be in high spirits as you browse the engaging containers while you take a sniff of each scent.

You’ll be quick to spot our ‘Wanderlust Collection’ which have their own distinct mark so you’ll be be able to easily spot them. If you haven’t had a chance to try one of these amazing candles that were introduced last year, this is the perfect time to add one of these scents to your home.

Our new ‘Caribbean Salsa’ container places you right in the tropics when you take a look at it. However, after taking a sniff of what’s inside – you’ll have to pinch yourself to make sure you aren’t dreaming. Be on the lookout for the distinctive container with mangos, pineapples, tropical leaves and more!

New Candle Packaging

Creme Brulee you’re craving? Us too! The new candle packaging will have you convinced that you are the brilliant chef that made your house smell so tasty. You’ve always got your whisk in hand and chef hat ready to go – just like this container!

New Candle Packaging

With each of these containers, you can create your own story. They are all special and have their own personality – a reflection of our amazing customers and the people we help around the world.


New Candle Packaging

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