At Feya, we strive everyday to relieve the stresses for those who need it most. Whether it be a nutritious meal or a bar of soap – we know these little things are changing the world, because of you! 

We are SO excited to expand our Feya Soap collection this week – and because of our recent soap scent contest, we are releasing the 3 new Feya scents that you wanted the most! Inspired by some of Feya’s best selling candles your skin will fall in love with these handmade and natural soaps.

Along with our originals, for every bar of soap sold, Feya gives an additional bar of soap to a local homeless shelter or community in need.

Pre-sale is available now for these new scents, place your order with our Director of Growth & Goodness, Jennifer at or browse all of our options and order on our website,

Cranberry Apple Marmalade – Tart cranberries, sweet brown sugar and crisp apples will make you thankful for homegrown goodness.

New Soap Scents

White Tea & Ginger- Reminiscent of the Florida Gulf Coast, where clarity & peace wash away the stress of the world. Clean, white tea and refreshing ginger bring you the serenity your soul longs for.

New Feya Scents

French Vanilla & Amber- The creamy scent of vanilla and warm amber mingle with soft woodsy notes for a daring yet soft combination.

New Feya Scents

Now it’s time to break down every ingredient that will be going into our soaps, and onto your skin. Along with giving back to communities, we are so proud to ensure our soap products leave you with clean and glowing skin, naturally.

Lets start with the humectants, which is just a fancy word that means something that retains moisture. Next is sorbitol, which is a sugar, derived from things like corn and seaweed and is FDA approved for beauty and body products. Propylene glycol is yet another product that derives from natural gas that is used as another humectant; it also keeps the bar of soap from melting away while it sits in your shower. The last humectant is glycerin, which is a derivative from natural vegetable fats and oils. This makes it perfect for those with especially sensitive skin because our glycerin is completely natural without any additives.

The second half of the ingredients list works to fortify and color our soap. Sodium cocoate is a breakdown of coconut oils used to fortify the soap. Sodium stearate is a common soap product made from vegetable products used to stabilize and thicken the soap creating that luxurious lather you feel. Lastly, titanium dioxide, is a natural mineral commonly used in sunscreen that is used to give a natural white pigment to beauty and body products.

Now, it’s time to talk about our fragrance oils, which have all have been FDA certified skin safe. And while the candles we will be offering for sale will be based off our best selling candle scents, the soaps donated will be scent free to avoid issues with things like preferences or aversions.

As the perfect gift or for yourself, Feya Candles & Soaps continue to keep you and your home smelling delicious, while giving back around the world. Order or reach out if you have any questions to Jennifer at

Have a smelly day! 🙂

New Candle Packaging

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