Bergamot & Grapefruit Reed Diffuser

Feya Bergamont & Grapefruit Diffuser

Bergamot & Grapefruit Reed Diffuser

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A delightful combination of natural Bergamot fragrance, combined with the tart and uplifting grapefruit we all know and love.

Shipped with an 8-pack of natural rattan reeds, handmade in the USA.

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Your reed diffuser comes with a pack of reeds - but we all need a little refresh now and then. Order a fresh pack of reeds to recharge your Feya reed diffusers:

Pack of reeds

How to use a reed diffuser: 
1. Take off lid, set somewhere stable, unwrap reeds and insert into bottle
2. Want the most fragrance? Use all reeds. If you'd like less fragrance, use less reeds. 
3. For best results, after an hour flip your reeds over and re-insert into bottle, do this every time your diffuser fragrances needs a refresher (about every other week)

Enjoy until your oil is gone!

*Our reed diffusers are created with only 2 ingredients: diffuser oil + fragrance oil 

*Pet safe & Phthalate free

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Fresh & citrusy!

I got this diffuser in a subscription box over a year ago, and it's STILL going! I love the scent so much - citrus smells are my fave. I will definitely be getting a refill when it finally runs out, and I'll be trying other scents too! SO nice!

Briggitte Cruz
Love love love it!

I just received a Feya Bergamot & Grapefruit reed diffuser in a subscription box. Normally, I take the items and gift them to friends and family members, but when I saw it was made with grapefruit, I knew it was going to be mine all mine! I am in love with this. It is a refreshing and light scent. I also love that this is a give-back company. I especially love that I can gift this to my son and bonus daughter (they have a rag doll cat) as they do not use eo diffusers.

Dana Willis
Love this diffuser

I received this diffuser in a subscription box and I love it!! I got this thing almost a year ago and there is still so much oil left in it!! I love the smell so much, I’m about to buy a couple different scents to try out! Can’t wait!!

Samantha Chen
Amazing Smell and Long-lasting!

My dear friend got me this as a housewarming gift over a year ago and there's still so much oil left in the bottle! The cheap $7 reed diffuser I got from TJ Maxx, has already used up all the oil in a fraction of the time. The smell is crisp and lovely, not something I'd normally get, but it's amazing. I'm planning on buying more to spice up the rest of my home :)