Simple Ways To Make Your Home Guest Ready

With the holiday season right approaching us quickly, a lot of us will be preparing our home for guests! Whether they are only at our home briefly or staying several nights, it’s nice to make them feel at home and welcome. I know when I’m a guest in someone’s home, I don’t like to bother them for things. Simple things like the wifi password, extra blankets, or even rolls of toilet paper seem like simple things but often go forgotten. We sat down with Katherine Tlapa from My Eclectic Grace blog to get her simple ways to make your home guest ready!

These simple tips will not only make your life easier as the host, but will make your guests experience more enjoyable and relaxed.  

  • Have your wifi password readily available for guests! Instead of them having to ask, you can write it somewhere obvious, like the fridge or in the room they are staying in.

  • Put fresh towels out, nicely folded on the bed, dresser or display in a basket in the bathroom your guests will be using. This can add an extra level of comfort and cleanliness for those guests staying for a while!

  • Make sure your bathroom is well stocked. From toilet paper to Q-tips, it’s a nice touch to have those extra things your guest may have forgot; even toothpaste. These are inexpensive things you can pick up and store all the time too.

  • Snacks! Everyone loves snacks! Putting granola bars, fruit, water bottles, etc in a basket on the kitchen counter, and letting your guests know they are open to taking them is a nice gesture and great for guests with kiddos!

  • Pillows and Blankets: of course you’ll provide that for your overnight company, but adding an extra blanket or set of pillows is considerate. Not everyone has the same comfort preferences and instead of your company getting chilly and having to ask for a blanket, make them readily available in their space!

  • Laundry. Now you don’t have to do their laundry – but you can offer a basket where they can throw their dirty clothes in so they at least feel like they can keep their guest room clean and tidy.

  • Fan. If you do have a fan, put it in the guest room. This is nice for those who are used to background noise to fall asleep or if they get hot at night. It’s the small things like this you don’t think about until you need it!

  • Flowers and room spray. Adding live flowers and spraying the room so it smells pleasant is a good rule of thumb – especially if you have pets!

  • This goes without saying – but always declutter your guest space and clean.  Nothing is more unsettling than staying at someone’s home and tripping over their child’s toys or feeling like you’re in the middle of a mess!

The best piece of advice I have is to think about your best experience as the guest. What made it special? What made it fun? Then try to implement just a touch of that for your company!


Simple Ways To Make Your Home Guest Ready​
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