I want to start this blog off with a heartfelt thank you. Everything we’re able to do here at Feya is because of you. And through all of your continued support we were able to provide another 4,345 meals to children & families in need this month. That brings our running total to 18,962 meals!

Feeding America

The gift of a meal is something that can be easily taken for granted, and for some it doesn’t merit a second thought. But sadly for many it requires a great deal of thought where their next meal may come from. When I first met Feya founder Sarah Mullins we briefly talked about what food meant to us. We both agreed that food is simply … love. It’s hard to boil it down to anything else. I’m sure many of us have beautiful memories of enjoying meals with loved ones. Memories that wouldn’t have been possible without the gift of food. It’s a humbling experience to be able to work to provide not just meals but memories that these children will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Feeding America

Recently, we partnered up with the organization Feeding America to help us provide these meals. We do this because they allow us to reach those most in need all across the country. They work with over 200 food banks & 60,000 food pantries and meal programs. Feeding America has been able to do some amazing things, with the help of you and many other fantastic organizations. They are focusing on reducing the food waste in America because while there is enough food for everyone. It is a matter of saving it and distributing it. You can read more about everything Feeding America does and what your kind efforts have been put towards at their website.


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