Oh man, where do we even begin? From the corny dad jokes to the meaningful life advice – we thank all of the dads and father figures we are fortunate to have in our lives! They raised the strong women we are today, and even though it wasn’t always easy – they sure did their best! The Fathers of Feya Family have been the role models we’ve looked up to and we are honored to be making them proud by spreading love, kindness, and doing our part to change the world. 

Sarah – Chief Candle Lady

Your favorite childhood memory with your dad: I have two dads and although they were both quite different, I have tons of great memories with both! Each Summer I would go stay with my real dad, and without fail as he would cook me dinner each night he would hand me an ‘appetizer’ of a full can of black olives, I LOVE black olives and it was the perfect precursor to the burgers or steak he almost always made. Later in the evening he and I would work on his motorcycles and go on rides – perfect Summers.

My Glenn dad (or step-dad) was always a goof, he kept the fun in our family and always made us laugh. He would always play games with my sister and I and I’ll never forget one night, while playing hide and seek how he accidentally locked himself in the trunk of his car – my sister and I gave up looking for him until we heard the pounding of his fist on the trunk hood trying to get us to let him out!

Each of my dad’s had strong values and strong lessons to teach me: My real-dad’s quote: “build a base” every activity, business venture or project I started he would always remind me to “build my base” first so it had something strong to sit on. My Glenn-dad who is a very logical thinker always told me “wherever you go, there will be idiots” Sounds harsh, but it taught me to concentrate on what I was doing and do it to the best of my abilities, as long as I was doing the best I could, I couldn’t pass blame on anyone else.

Real dad’s cheesy joke: “it’s no often I’m a nice guy” in reality he did nice things continuously. Glenn dad was the king of “well, why don’t you marry it” jokes – it made my eyes roll every time.

Cali – Director of Digital Fantastiness

Your favorite childhood memory with your dad:
Fishing! We would go to the lake, and he would line up fishing poles on the bank. I would catch Blue Gill one at a time, reel it in and he would take the fish off and re-bait the hook while I reeled in the next one. We could do that all day together!

Best life lesson/quote he would always say:
His best life lesson was to support me in anything I wanted to do. He had this way of always saying the right things so I never felt like my ideas were stupid, and he embraced my craziness.

His go−to cheesy dad joke:
I can’t remember what he would specifically say, but I can distinctively remember all the times I rolled my eyes and said “Daaaaaddddd” haha. Those were the best!

Regen – Event Maestro

Your favorite childhood memory with your dad::
Just having Matt home there to support my sisters and mom. As a new addition to our little family Matt stepped up and supported me throughout my awkward teens years and still to this day when I cannot figure out my car.

Best advice:
Don’t be crazy. It is easy to be emotional when life gives you road bumps but Matt always encourages us to take it one day at a time and to not overreact.

Dad Joke:
A pony goes to the doctor an tells him, “Doc, I think I’m dying. I have a terrible sore throat.”

The doctor assumes him, “It’s okay — you’re just a little horse.”


Jennifer – Director of Growth & Goodness

Your favorite childhood memory with your dad: My dad used to paint houses for extra money when I was a kid. He’d bring me along to paint foundations and lower trim so he wouldn’t have to be bent over painting half the day. (I always thought it was because he enjoyed my company!) On one job, I remember walking around the corner to ask him a question. (Probably about lunch.) He was on his ladder in the driveway, two stories up and painting the trim around the roof. All of the sudden, I watched helplessly as his ladder started sliding down the side of the house- with him on it. I was just standing there frozen, clutching my paintbrush as my dad effortlessly hopped to the side of the falling ladder and practically floated in slow motion down two stories, landing gracefully on his feet in the driveway. He didn’t even spill any paint. It was the most horrifying yet exhilarating moment of my life. His response was “Well, I knew there wasn’t anywhere to go but down- so I figured I might as well land on my feet.” Pretty profound life lesson right there. Even when you’re going to hit bottom, try and land on your feet.

But let’s get real- the guardian angels definitely showed up to work that day.

Best life lesson: See above! But also, he’s a “measure three times and cut once” kind of guy. He taught me to take my time and do things well- so it only needs to be done once.

Dad quotes: “Haste makes waste” and “A job half done is a job not done at all.” They kind of go hand in hand.

His go−to cheesy dad joke: A fat lady walks into a bar with her pet duck. The bartender says “Excuse me ma’am, we don’t allow pigs in this establishment.” The fat lady replies, “This isn’t a pig, you moron. This is a duck.” To which the bartender says, “I know. I was talking to the duck.”



Kenzie – Director of Aesthetic Developement

Your favorite childhood memory with your dad:: Boating at the lake during the summertime was definitely always a highlight! My dad taught me how to ski and lots of other activities. However, the favorite was of course the tube.. which he took full advantage of driving as crazy as he could until we would inevitably flip. 

Best life lesson: My dad has been incredibly supportive in whatever crazy dream I’m chasing at the time. He fully gets behind whatever path I choose as long as I’m enjoying life. 

Dad joke: Too many. The one I would hear the most as a teenager going in and out of the house all the time is every time I would leave and say bye.. I’d usually be back for something I forgot in 10 seconds. He never failed to yell out “wowww back already?!”

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