Pear Spice Secret

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Do you know the secret behind our best selling candle?

In the early days, I decided to open a store at the young age of 23. With an overconfident sense of self, I picked through hundreds of samples and created a line up of fragrances I knew customers would love.

At 30 fragrances to launch the store, I cut off the smell search and decided that would be that. During this time my BFF Joy had just moved back to Lincoln and was in need of work so happily we worked together day and night preparing the shop, making candles and scrounging every bit of publicity for the grand opening we possibly could.

Joy was the first ever candle maker for the tiny little company (outside of myself) and the two of us would have sit downs for hours smelling through the different samples and setting aside personal favorites as we sipped lattes from the Starbucks next door.

Although the 30 smells for the launch were set (practically in stone, because I was pretty hard headed back then), Joy fell in love with Pear Spice and begged over and over to make it a part of the line up. Because she was my bestie and because I wanted to thank her for all the hard work she'd put in, I caved and Pear Spice was one of the 30. Try as I might I can't recall the fragrance that was knocked out - but truthfully I don't care, since day 1 Pear Spice has been our year-round best seller, bringing happiness and smelliness to thousands around the USA; and I owe it all to my BFF Joy!

During the month of July, Pear Spice is our featured Candle of the Month! When you sign up for our Candle of the Month Club, you'll receive a monthly candle straight to your doorstep, that perfectly correlates with the season! Each candle provides meals to those who are in need. Thank YOU for making a difference in the world alongside us. 

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Chief Candle Lady

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